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How  do I order and collect flowers?

Flowers are seasonal here at Sown in Cornwall. When in bloom there will be flowers available to collect from the flower stand in St. Day on Fridays and Saturdays. 
Just email or text Annie 24 hours before to confirm. 

Or sign  up for subscription flowers to be delivered to your door ( in the  local area) on a Friday in season.  

How do I Pay?

When collecting from the flower stand there is a money slot or you can pay via the Bluetooth link in the stand. 

For subscription orders you will need to pay in advance by BACS. Contact via text or email to arrange​


Do you do wedding or event  flowers?

Currently I am offering simple  wedding flowers. 

I offer   wedding buckets for do it yourself brides and grooms .Buckets  of seasonal blooms for 'do it yourself' Weddings. This is a cost effective and eco friendly way of adding British  flowers to your wedding. 
This option may suit smaller weddings or brides who want to throw  themselves into the creative play of flowers. 

Flowers will be a mix of what is growing at the time of your wedding, and I would suggest that you come and see what is in bloom prior to your big day,  so that we can go through the flowers and get an idea of what it is that you’d like. 

Please read the wedding bucket information on the website and get in touch if this is something that sounds suitable for you and your event. 

Watch this space for new announcements.

Do you deliver?

I deliver in the local area for FREE FOR SUBSCRIPTION PAYERS and for a  small fee  for outside my local Tr16 area. 

It's easy to collect from my flower stand in Vogue, St.Day. 

Payment can be cash on collection or by Bank transfer.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions between the customer (‘You”), Sown in Cornwall (“Us”) for the sale of flowers and foliage. 

All flowers are grown by us unless stated and agreed that some flowers will be bought in from a different British grower.

If for unforeseen reasons we cannot fulfil an order, we will notify you as soon as possible. 
We will offer a refund on any produce that we cannot provide that has been  prearranged. 

Once the flowers have been collected by you/ delivered by us, you are responsible for ensuring that the flowers have access to fresh water and cool conditions to maintain their quality. 

Some flowers can be toxic if eaten. Some flowers can cause a skin irritation. Sown in Cornwall takes no responsibility for any harmful effect caused by the product. 


All flowers must be paid for in advance . 
No flowers will be cut until payment has been received. 

For orders placed over one month in advance and which exceed the value of £30, a 25% non refundable holding deposit will be required. 

The remaining 75% will be due 7 days prior to the collection/ delivery date. 

Once the balance has been paid we cannot offer a refund in the event of a cancellation. 

If you fail to pay the balance only 25% of the flowers ordered will be cut for your agreed date. 

Flowers can be delivered locally on an agreed date. We will deliver within the local area, and at a specified fee if outside the delivery radius . Please ensure that there is fresh water for the flowers to be placed in if you will not be able to receive the flowers at the delivery time. 

Flowers are to be collected from the flower stand as agreed between Sown in Cornwall and yourself on a specified date  The flowers will be in fresh water and ready to be transported by yourself. Please do not take the buckets unless you have arranged this and have paid a fee. If you fail to pick up the flowers then we are unable to re pick the order. 

If you are unhappy with the flowers then please contact Sown in Cornwall within the first 48 hours. If it is agreed that the flowers are not to the quality and standard as normal, then we can chat further about a refund. 

We will always contact you if we intend to use images of our flowers at your event. We will not use your image of your event until you have agreed to this. 


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