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Be Creative , do it your way!

Maybe you fancy working your own magic, and creating floral arrangements with your bridal party!

Seasonal flowers, cut fresh and available to collect in buckets for arranging yourself into bouquets, button holes, posies and table settings.
Priced by stem count:

50 stems £45

For a rough estimation I would recommend : 

40 -50 stems for Bridal bouquet
30 stems Bridesmaid posies
5- 10 stems buttonhole 

10-15 stems table jam jar arrangements 

 I would recommend that you collect  your flowers  48 hours before your ceremony so that you have time to allow the flowers to condition before arranging. 

For an additional fee , flowers an be transported to your address. 

Bouquets, posies & buttonholes

Cut, conditioned and arranged locally grown flowers ready for your personal  wedding. 

Our flowers will be seasonal and what is in the field  at the time of your wedding,  whilst doing our best to be in keeping with your colour palette. 

Bridal bouquet:


A bridal bouquet created from cutting the beautiful stems growing in the flower field.  These bouquets will not be symmetrical and straight stemmed, they will be wild, floaty and elegant. Crafted from the unique stems grown here in Cornwall. 

Bridesmaid posies:

From £50 

Posies for your bridal party. Whether you want toned down bridal posies, or flowers dramatically different to your own bouquet. Get in contact and we can chat through ideas. 

From £10 

Matching miniature buttonholes for your groomsmen. 

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Table settings

Simple table flowers to give a wild garden vibe.


We can offer the flowers alone for you to dress your tables, or I can provide rustic centre pieces.

Or maybe you have another idea, something a bit different!? Let’s chat :)

Prices vary according to stem count and chosen table décor. Please get in contact to discuss further.

Simple wedding packages 

What if we take away the pressure for you? 

What about having the flowers all sorted for your day. Just come and collect them from St. Day,  or we can deliver to your wedding venue for a small fee. ​

To make it simple, and to make it budget friendly - The Karenza package 


​*Bridal bouquet

*Bridesmaid posy x3 

*button hole x3 

*3 buckets of flower stems

 ​From £300 ​

Get in touch and take away one of the pressures,  letting the Cornish flowers embellish your day. 

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