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About us

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Sown in Cornwall aims to provide you with flowers that are a touch of the season, and a piece of CORNISH beauty to brighten your days.  Whether it’s a weekly bunch, or a wild wedding, we’re here to meet your flowery needs. 


Sown in Cornwall is a business built from LOVE , commitment, hard work and determination. Annie and her young family live on site and work hard to grow CORNISH cut  flowers for weddings, DIY brides, special occasions, flower lovers, and the local community.


Currently we offers seasonal flowers between the months of May and October.  The flowers are a mixture of annuals and perennials, from wild  blue cornflowers to showy dahlias. Our flowers are nurtured from seed to bloom, and customers can choose to collect on foot or local delivery. 

Annie's dream is to encourage people to buy seasonal and local flowers that are better for our environment. By buying locally  you are avoiding air miles, plastic, chemicals and flowers that have been cut days or even weeks beforehand.

Our flowers are SEASONAL and grown in a way that can’t be rushed! Mother Nature is in charge and decides when the flowers will be blooming.

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